Carat SA forms Strategic partnership with Tedx


Carat SA has very exciting news!

Carat have recently formed a strategic partnership with TEDxCapeTown!

For those of you who don’t know about TED Talks, it is an incredible global platform for creative, innovative and ambitious minds to showcase their ideas, talents and inventions to the world.

This is the type of movement that is taking South Africa forward and Carat is privileged to be playing a part in bringing it to life!

In a collaborative fashion Nowlab, isobars innovation initiative together with Carat will create new media opportunities for the upcoming TEDx events, to spread innovation and ideas through South Africa!

Carat Group MD Quinton Jones says “We are very proud of the partnership and the fact that it is driving new thinking and innovation, which is in line with the Carat philosophy of Redefining Media”.

We hope to see you all at the big event coming up in August!


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Amplifi Logo 3D

The Dentsu Aegis Network’s vision is “Innovating the way brands are built’. In order to do this, we need to be different and better than the competition in a market defined by Globalisation and Convergence.  AMPLIFI has been designed to deliver on these challenges. Convergence offers us the opportunity to collaborate with media owners and clients to generate improved measurable business outcomes.  AMPLIFI’s goal is simple – to re-invent the supply side for the whole industry. We do this by delivering a value proposition that works for all stakeholders and across all media. Through the zealous application of technology, insight and creative thinking, we help all members of the Dentsu Aegis Network family identify and deliver thought leadership, best practice, accountability and global growth” says Gerrit Visser, Head of AMPLIFI SSA.

Gerrit Visser, Head of AMPLIFI SSA.

Gerrit Visser, Head of AMPLIFI SSA.

Dentsu Aegis Network is very excited to announce the launch of AMPLIFI in South Africa.

AMPLIFI is the Global Media Investment arm of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN).  AMPLIFI is responsible for a $55 Billion Global Budget and managing $8 Billion in active Productivity Programmes across 84 markets.  Our goal is to deliver a demonstrable improvement in media performance (whether lower cost or better business outcomes) and we do this by delivering a value proposition that works for clients, DAN and Media Owners through re-invention of the supply side.  AMPLIFI’s vision is to build a consistent, leveraged buying network, capable of delivering market leading performance, whether it is cost or better business solutions, in every media, in every country.

In line with AMPLIFI Global, AMPLIFI has locally defined our purpose to leverage our consolidated volume and Investment Strategy to truly lead and innovate the way value is built and delivered for all stakeholders.  We also aim to be a true partner and resource to DAN Agencies in order to assist them in activating their respective Brand Positioning and delivering value and innovation to their client’s business problems.

AMPLIFI SSA will exist centrally in Dentsu Aegis Network SA and be structured to assist and deliver across five core functions:

  1. Investment Management: Delivering Media Buying, Planning, Reporting & Productivity services in order to implement, administrate, measure and improve strategies that will deliver market leading value and ROI to clients.
  1. Trading Management: Building and delivering true and collaborative long term partnerships with selected suppliers and business partners that will deliver transformational value, which goes beyond price, to all stakeholders.
  1. Programmatic Buying & Real Time Bidding (RTB): Aiming to deliver substantially more efficient and effective media buying across all media types, our Trading Desk AMNET, utilises the power of technology, data and people (AMNET Audience Centre or AAC) for real time audience insights and market leading campaign performance.
  1. Knowledge & Insight: Delivering knowledge, trends, thought leadership and insights by continuously and actively monitoring the market, leveraging Expertise Stacks within the business as well as DAN’s propriety research tool, CCS (Consumer Connection System).
  1. Content: In a world of unprecedented demand and supply for content, The StoryLab works with media companies to create innovative content strategy, integration and production that disrupt the traditional supply chain of storytelling.

Dentsu Aegis Network – Path2Purchase 2nd Quarter 2015 – Data Edition 

Awareness. Interest. Desire. Action.
Know Your Shopper. Grow Your Revenue.
Demystifying data!

The terms DATA and BIG DATA are heard everywhere these days, however this does not give any context or relevance to the importance and use of them in today’s ever changing media and marketing landscape.

Wouldn’t it be great to always have clear direction? In this issue of Path2Purchase – Data edition, we share local and global insights into the understanding and application of Data and Big Data. Knowing how to use these new insights may give you and your business a competitive advantage.

Path2Purchase is an industry platform for marketers by marketers – sharing insights, trends and global influence, contextualised from an African perspective.

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The info-hungry Consumer | Craig Page-Lee | Posterscope

The food culture we see today is relatively recent: Cooking channels, celebrity Chefs, exotic dishes as well ”cheap” dishes can all be found in surplus whether on TV or the Internet….


This trend has gone hand in hand with the rise of smartphones and mass accessibility of the internet. We examine both this trend and the symbiosis it has with “new” technology.

In this interview Craig Page-Lee unpacks this new trend focusing on three issues:
• The consumer is overwhelmed with conflicting information in LARGE amounts
• Consumers are generating a lot of content themselves
• The Cell phone/ Smartphone is a constant accessory
Craig Page-Lee in conversation with eBizRadio – Click HERE to listen


Facebook Is Shutting Down its Friends Data API.

Image 1

Previously, when logging into an app or website that uses Facebook Connect, users were asked for permission to various pieces of information linked to their Facebook account. One of these requests (often unnoticed), is access to the information of your friends. Now, with the enforcement of version 2 of Facebook’s Graph API, apps are not able to collect this data or even ask for it at all – with the aim to improve users’ trust.
Apparently a new motto is making the rounds amid Facebook’s inner circle; ‘People first’. Many users will see the change as a positive development with more control over their own information, especially as they had no power over data accumulated by a friend’s app.
A year ago the social networking site announced the news that in 2015 apps would no longer be able to access data from users’ friend lists. From April 30th this year, all Facebook apps will be automatically upgraded by social network itself, or forced to use v2 of the Graph API, following the deprecation of v1.0.

For apps that haven’t specifically used the v2 endpoint during development, (while not losing the Facebook Connect function entirely), this might cause issues within the app if it’s not able to get information it was expecting before. Facebook made these adjustments to give its users more control over their own data.  With this in mind, Facebook data can’t easily be shared between applications anymore.  While this can be frustrating for developers, it’s a big plus for the end-user.

Despite the new restrictions, it is still possible to connect with friends through apps e.g., you can still get information of friends who have already connected to the application you are connecting to. The new Facebook Login will also allow the user to connect to the application, but reject optional permissions being requested.
The application developers will need to cater for this scenario:

Image 3

As a result of these changes, marketers and developers need to better define the exact selling point and function of their applications with the new Facebook Login restrictions, effective from now on.

The new rules have also dramatically impacted businesses across the globe. Companies such as Job Fusion, a business that helps you find quality jobs through your Facebook friends, have subsequently disabled a key feature of their offering. This is due to the inability of the previous feature to function with the new API change. From this notice on their website, it has had dramatic effect on their business and they are not an isolated case. According to, mobile dating apps could suffer the most.
Fortunately, this shouldn’t be breaking news to most; Facebook announced the migration at last year’s F8 and have since offered tools to test applications with the new API. On top of that, they have specifically reviewed their top 5000 apps and given owners and developers extensive feedback on how to operate within the new restrictions.

For more information, visit TechCrunch.

Authors: Lindy Eksteen, Community Manager, iProspect SA and Werner Barnard, Technical Director, iProspect SA


Jaco Lintvelt appointed to drive AMNET: Dentsu Aegis Network’s programmatic & real time bidding platform

Jaco Lintvelt, AMNET Head SSA

Jaco Lintvelt, AMNET Head SSA

We are very excited to announce the launch of AMNET, Dentsu Aegis Network’s programmatic & real time bidding platform, in South Africa. “We are the algorithm” is the phrase that AMNET employees live and breathe. It means that it isn’t about the technology; it is about the people who drive it, so we are equally excited in welcoming Jaco Lintvelt in taking the reign in growing this new business to a leadership position in the market,” says, Gerrit Visser, Trading Director for Dentsu Aegis Network SSA.

Jaco Lintvelt joins AMNET to lead this new division of the business in South Africa. His extensive experience in the ad technology, publisher yield management and real time media buying at businesses such as Primedia Online as the Head of New Business and Head Of Digital Media Sales SA at DQ&A Media Group, displays his understanding of the media landscape in South Africa and demonstrates his ability to expand and innovate.

Dentsu Aegis Network looks forward to continuing to be at the forefront of redefining media by streamlining the process of programmatic media buying.