Diggig up Media Consumption Data with a difference| CCS | Ilsa Garbe

Ilsa Garbe - Business Unit Head, CARAT

Ilsa Garbe – Business Unit Head, CARAT

Ilsa Grabe, Business unit head and Media Manager at Carat Johannesburg, discusses CCS (Consumer Connection System)  – a proprietary research tool which interviews 6500 individuals within LSM 4-10 in S.A. and beyond – on

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Beyond Borders: Measurability on the African continent | Craig Page-Lee | Posterscope SA

I’ve previously covered the topic of the sheer physical size of Africa and the magnitude of the opportunity for brands operating there. Both are structured upon the concept of “numbers” and I have therefore decided to expand upon this and add another layer to the conversation, namely that of “measurability” and “information by numbers” on the continent. READ MORE

Craig Page-Lee, MD Posterscope SA

Craig Page-Lee, MD Posterscope SA

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CCS navigates you through the clutter

We live in a world that is evolving and changing at a dramatic pace. The rapid rate of technology evolution and product and service innovation is fundamentally changing the way audiences consume media. Media formats are converging with digital leading the way, increasing the number of times and ways that a single brand can be experienced by audiences in the same place – from highly interactive and immersive content rich mobile experiences, to stimulated visual engagements on digital networks in airports and other high-dwell time environments.

connected consumer 2The fight for consumer attention is therefore greater than ever before and it is imperative that marketers and advertisers do not waste time and budget targeting the wrong audiences and delivering ineffective campaigns, or missing out on reaching that last individual consumer that turns a positive brand experience into a game changing future for that brand.

So how do we really get to communicate with consumers in a meaningful way? How do we get to understand what is important to them and what appeals to them? How do we get to understand what the interests and behaviours of shoppers in South Africa are and who their trusted shopping advisors are?

The latest Consumer Connection System (CCS) 2014 results is the guide to navigating the mind of the South African consumer. CCS is a Dentsu Aegis Network research tool which not only tells us how many people consume a specific media channel, but more importantly, what role that channel plays in their daily lives, how they use it, how it influences their perceptions and purchase decisions, and what messages they are receptive to at specific times of their day.connected consumer3

CCS results reveal that 73% of household shoppers agree that they purchase brands that are an expression of their personality. Where do these shoppers make their purchase decisions and where do they purchase their goods? Interestingly enough, 42% of household shoppers preferred to shop at their local store rather than a big supermarket and 58% of household shoppers agree that they tend to trust brands/ products endorsed by professionals.

CCS results also reveal that social media has transformed how viewers now interact with their favourite TV shows with 38% of LSM 7-8, stating they use their mobile phones to interact with a TV show whilst watching TV. This type of interaction spurs on big opportunities for advertisers as it creates instant dialogue with consumers that allow the consumer more access to content as they are able to interact directly with the consumer.

connected consumerAt Dentsu Aegis Network we encourage our clients and people to focus on the insights that will transform consumer journeys to deliver a business outcome. CCS is available to Dentsu Aegis Network clients as part of their client offering, and is available for purchase to market.


How do men and woman really engage with the media?

Did you know that men in LSM 7-8 spend most of their time on social networking sites just updating their profiles, whilst woman in LSM 8 – 10 spend most of their time on Pinterest just browsing

As brand custodians and advertising experts we are constantly asked and expected by our clients to know exactly how consumers really engage with brands. We are inundated with news articles that cover the surface and sometimes help us to understand consumer’s media trends, BUT does this really help us in understanding how consumers engage with brands?

The fundamental role of media and marketing is to deliver the right message to the right consumer through the right channel and at the right time. A tool that is able to provide precise information on how, when and where different consumers relate to marketing messages, and the attitudinal and behavioural effects of those messages on the consumer, will provide inestimable value in the marketing process. Consumer Connection System (CCS) is that tool.

female consumer
With 93% of shoppers buying decisions being influenced by social media it has become imperative that organisations online profiles speak directly to their consumers in a language that they understand, CCS ensures that your company deliverers just what your audience is asking for.

Did you know only 24% of adults are FULLY engaged when watching TV and that LSM 9 & 10 are the biggest TV watchers per week

Described as a consumer, lifestyle and product survey, CCS is widely regarded as the most in-depth single source of media, marketing and consumer-targeting data in the world, allowing a true understanding of how consumers interact with the broad range of media channels presented to them throughout the day, while continuously experiencing different thoughts and feelings, helping marketers, advertising agencies and media owners communicate more effectively to these consumers.

The Consumer Connection System (CCS) is a Dentsu Aegis Network research tool which not only tells us how many people consume a specific media channel, but more importantly what role that channel plays in their daily lives, how they use it, how it influences their perceptions and what messages they are receptive to at specific times of their day. With a sample base of 6 400 LSM 4-10 Adults in South Africa,

CCS provides clients with unique and in-depth insights into consumer behaviour and their relationship with media.

Did you know LSM 7 & 8 spends an average of 17 hours per week using the internet on their mobile phones and ages 25 – 35 spend the most time per week on social media networks, whilst 38% of LSM 7 & 8 use their laptops or mobile phones to go to product sites whilst watching TV

CCS is conducted across more than 30 countries which together account for some 90% of global advertising expenditure. Of the 350 000+ interviews conducted; 6400 were conducted in South Africa for LSM 4 – 10. CCS has been successfully used by a very wide range of companies across the globe to drive more effective communication strategies and to deliver efficiencies in targeting and budgeting. men gadgets

CCS not only provides companies with both global and regional data, but also allows clients the opportunity to include tailor-made questions in the survey that will provide them with access to bespoke or client-specific insights.

The audiences can be segmented attitudinally, behaviourally, or demographically and analysed by environment, with a level of detail unavailable through other syndicated research systems.

The CCS research covers all touch points in consumers lives, be it what they do in their daily lives, their passions, favourite brands, attitudes to advertising and product categories, how they use different channels.

CCS is more in tune with consumer behaviour and client needs than any other industry survey, and is the only one that can make bespoke consumer segmentation truly actionable through communication.
CCS enables clients to:
• Develop a deeper understanding of categories, competitors and consumers
• Activate brand strategy into communications strategy
• Understand trends and their implication on communications
• Apply a global framework of insight with local relevance
• Drive more engaging communications
• Deliver efficiencies in targeting and budgeting

You are invited………Dentsu Aegis Network will host a session on CCS in both Johannesburg and Cape Town on Tuesday 11th November and Thursday 13th November respectively at 09h00 – 09h45. If you would like to find out more or attend one of these events, please contact Kelly Moses at to request an invitation.
CCS is available to Dentsu Aegis Network clients as part of their client offering, and is available for purchase to market.


Unpacking BLACK – an attitude, not a colour!

Understanding the consumer path to purchase is something that Craig Page-Lee, MD of Posterscope is passionate about – so passionate that he hosts a bi-weekly on air show to unpack and share insights and campaigns with the African market.

In a recent chat with Craig shared his insights on the latest Guinness re-position campaign launched a while ago – When BLACK is not a colour but an attitude!

ISOBAR SSA in collaboration with AMV BBDO had a simple, yet mammoth task when the instruction was to re-position Guinness in the African market.

“Africa is about creativity; we do and see things from a different perspective. It’s about working together to harness creativity that speaks to all.’’ says Michael Zylstra, Group Planning Director, Isobar, SSA.

The new Guinness campaign – Made of Black has just launched across key markets in Africa with a takeover of MTV Base. The co-produced Guinness/MTV Base show was broadcast simultaneously on 12 satellite and terrestrial channels across Africa. This was the kick start to an extensive through-the-line campaign which is rolling out across Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon to promote key conversations around ‘’what is BLACK’’ in a new positioning for Guinness on this continent.

gui2“For us it was more than just producing incredible work, it was about starting and then sustaining key dialogue on our continent about what being BLACK means. It was about embracing the unique cultures of Africa and tailoring approaches to those individualised markets whilst also introducing the concept as part of our languages, our culture and harnessing the true African creative spirit. Black is not a colour – it’s an attitude.

As mobile is the biggest media platform in Africa right now and for the foreseeable future, it was important to ensure that the campaign engaged people and encourage dialogue and conversation on all levels. It was not about launching a hashtag and a website that had an interactive platform.

gui1It was about real engagement in real time that would lead to conversation and sampling and then bringing those people into the fold in a way that was though their connections and passions. Within the first 6 hours of launching the campaign the #madeofblack had sparked over 22 000 conversations and we estimate that by the end of the launch 6 week phase, we will have achieved over a million conversations.

The campaign celebrates ‘Black’.  Black is not a colour. Black is an attitude. It’s a mind-set, it’s a way of life. Black represents the best of Africa.  It features real people with real talent from Lagos, Accra and Cape Town to Nairobi, Gaborone and Johannesburg. “People who are made of Black are people who are made of more”, says Zylstra.

You can watch the addictive TV ad done by AMV BBDO, with the theme soundtrack – Black Skinhead done by Kanye West’s here: or take a look at the  Africans leading the conversation on the continent –

The team at Isobar have built an incredible home for the campaign online, as well as, producing over 20 video pieces which run both on TV and online. These stories are well worth a watch – interesting characters across Africa share what defines their “Made of Black”

This has been a truly COLLABORATIVE effort with joint creative led by Isobar and AMV BBDO, social and media strategy led and implemented by  Isobar and Carat, with iProspect supporting digital presence across the continent (all part of the Dentsu Aegis Network).

Guinness is an iconic brand, famous for its extraordinary and inimitable marketing, and #madeofblack is no different. This campaign is a celebration of an attitude that epitomises individuals who aren’t afraid to truly express themselves.

Through #madeofblack we will provide a stage for those who are an inspiration to others, as they carve their own path with confidence, flair and boldness.


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Encouraging sign ups whilst educating in the travel sector

Avios Group Limited and Cardova trading have partnered within the branded content sphere to encourage sign ups for- and education on- the new travel rewards program Avios.
As an Avios travel rewards member travelling has never been easier; collect the Avios currency with your everyday spending.

Avios travel rewards programme partners include; Avis car Rental, Protea Hotels, BP, Pick n Pay, Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty, ABSA Rewards, Ucount, British Airways and Iberia Plus, there is also the Avios credit card that allows you to collect Avios currency anywhere you shop! avios

How do we encourage sign ups and education of a brands new Travel Rewards program?
Carat, Mortimer Harvey and the Avios marketing team embarked on a partnership with production company Cardova to integrate branded content into existing programs as well as develop a new Advertiser Funded Program.

The aim of the project is to become more than just a brand but rather a rewards program that is positioned as an everyday easy to collect currency that can be used for travel whether it is for flights or accommodation.
“Integrating the brand into platforms where the fit felt natural was key; with a big task of Membership acquisition as well as awareness and education, this partnership was recommended as it can deliver on all those objectives,” says Ilsa Grabe, Carat. carat

Connecting to content does the trick
Avios created a travel community on the morning show Expresso on SABC 3 to demonstrate to consumers how easy it is to collect rewards by encouraging sign ups daily, the brand is benefiting from the high frequency as well as the integrated nature of brand education through every day topics.

The brand has been giving away amazing rewards and prizes which continues week on week to increase the Avios membership base. Adding to this, NaWeek is a new Afrikaans lifestyle program on SABC 3 on Saturday’s at 7pm and has been sponsored by Avios. The programme is centred on all things “Local”. Exactly what the Avios brand proposition is all about, thus making travel accessible through a rewards program so that consumers can travel “lekker” whether local or international.aviostravel1

Since the partnership inception the Avios client base has increased by 30% and the run-rate of sign ups and engagement week on week continues to grow.

Skipping the clutter through partnerships
“With the advent of PVRs and the increasingly cluttered environment in which brands must cut-through to consumers, Content Marketing is fast becoming a necessity rather than a consideration in the marketing mix. Our partnership with Cardova has allowed us to integrate Avios brand messages seamlessly into relevant TV platforms in a way that doesn’t disrupt but rather adds value and engages the viewer.

What’s more is that this is a truly unique partnership due to the way in which we track the campaign performance through both soft and hard metrics.

Most content marketing campaigns tend to rely on softer brand measures (e.g. brand awareness) to track marketing effectiveness, whereas with this partnership we have been able to track viewer engagement and resulting growth of the Avios Travel Rewards Programme member base through a real-time online dashboard, allowing us to work very closely with Carat and Mortimer Harvey to optimise and maximise ROI throughout the campaign, ” says Rahul Patel, Avios Marketing Head.

Partnership in the true sense of the word benefits all parties and this campaign has set out to do exactly that.avios travel

“Cardova’s various platforms, consumer segments, show times, reach and programs, offered a unique partnership opportunity for Avios South Africa. It allowed Avios to share with Expresso, Hayden Quinn, NAweek and other viewers the value of our program, our partners and how every South African can become part of the Avios world. Cardova’s branded content offer brands like Avios a great way to educate, differentiate and drive brand exposure whilst sharing key messages with the audience and the success to date has surpassed all our expectations, “ says Andries Zietsman, General Manager, Avios Group Limited.

Have you signed up to the best Travel Rewards programme yet?