a World of Potential on one continent.

1,000,010,000 Consumers
527.5 billion US dollars in untapped spending power.

A world of potential on one continent.

Africa has a lot to offer. But there are challenges, such as a lack of reliable information and an extremely diverse population that makes it difficult for many marketers to access.

While others talk about building a consistent network throughout Africa – we are actually doing it.

That’s where Aegis is different.

Aegis is the first company to bring meaningful media insight and strategic planning to Africa with our comprehensive Consumer Connection Studies (CCS), Outdoor Consumer Surveys (OCS) and Integrated Communications Planning (ICP). As the fastest growing network in Sub Saharan Africa, we’ve expanded by 400% in the past 18 months.

We’ve also pioneered the delivery of reliable statistics on internet and mobile phone usage in Africa, our research shows that Nigeria alone has 50 million internet users and there are more mobile phones on the continent than there are people.

The Carat Academy, Africa’s first media training institution, further ensures that only Aegis can consistently deliver the skills and services you need to access Africa’s untapped potential

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